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Mar 23, 2021

Physicians face challenges on a daily basis, but dealing with a lawsuit brings a whole new level of anxiety and stress which can affect their profession, personal lives, and relationships.

In this episode we are very happy to have Dr. Gita Pensa, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Brown University with expertise in digital medical education, a speaker on the topic of medical malpractice litigation/litigation stress, and the creator/host of the Doctors and Litigation: The L Word Podcast.

She shares the story of a very interesting case that led to her medical malpractice lawsuit spanning 12 years, how it affected all aspects of her personal and professional life, and how she was able to bounce back towards the path of recovery.  

Now, she is an advocate for physicians undergoing litigation and educates them through her podcast.  Listen to her amazing story.


“I would just like to remind everybody that you and your life and your practice are more than any one case.” - Dr. Gita Pensa



  • (03:30) An extraordinary case
  • (09:40) The trauma from trial
  • (11:56) To succumb or to swim
  • (14:48) Two prime directives
  • (21:46) A turn for the better
  • (23:48) Starting a podcast
  • (24:51) Dancing with the doctors
  • (28:58) Family and peer support
  • (32:18) Self-help books
  • (35:26) Closure and healing



When Good Doctors Get Sued,When%20Good%20Doctors%20Get%20Sued%20%2D%202nd,Perfect%20Paperback%20%E2%80%93%20March%2012%2C%202015&text=A%20practical%20guide%20for%20physicians,professionals)%20involved%20in%20malpractice%20lawsuits.


Doctors and Litigation: The L Word


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