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The Practice Of [the Practice of Medicine]

  • Tips and Techniques to Prevent Physician Burnout
  • Burnout Stories - lessons learned and the benefits of Burnout Put to its Highest and Best Use
  • Wellness Leadership Strategies

All the Tools so YOU can be a Physician On Purpose

Jun 1, 2021

Any point of a medical career path can be extremely stressful as it encompasses all aspects of a physician’s life.  It can take up every minute of the day with barely enough time for other priorities.  This imbalance affects the quality of care, relationships, health, and well-being, which ultimately leads to burnout.


Dr. Dike Drummond, CEO, and Founder of is a physician burnout expert with extensive one-on-one coaching experience.  In this episode, he gives examples of how to achieve a conscious planned relationship with your practice.  Dr. Dike also discusses different ways of diversifying income streams and the benefits of having an outlet for passion and purpose, inside or outside of the medical field.


“Perhaps this tool of a conscious relationship can help you take the pressure off your career, take the pressure off yourself to develop the balance, and to rehabilitate your practice into something that works for you and your family going forward.” - Dike Drummond MD



  • (1:53) Medicine as an all-consuming profession
  • (4:44) Putting a lid on your practice
  • (6:08) Bridge position and locums
  • (7:46) Clinical or nonclinical side hustles
  • (10:05) Staying in your job or full career transition



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