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May 23, 2023

Women in male-dominated professions still face unique challenges in today's society. One such profession is Medicine, where female physicians often struggle to navigate the complex gender dynamics and hierarchies in the workplace. 

In this fascinating episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Teresa Cardador, an 
Associate Professor of Labor and Employment Relations and Center for Social and Behavioral Science Affiliate at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She is also an award-winning educator focusing on human resource management, motivation, performance, employee relationships, and negotiation.

We discussed her groundbreaking research on the status-leveling burden experienced by women physicians and its physical, emotional, and psychological toll. Additionally, we delve into Dr. Cardador's follow-up research, revealing the nurses' perspective on the interactions between female nurses and female physicians.

By understanding these issues, we can work towards creating more inclusive work environments that empower and support women in medicine. So, join us and be a part of the change!

“This is why we use the term burden. There's certainly a lot of evidence that this is associated with a lot of physical demands on women and a lot of psychological demands that make their work more challenging in a context that is already extremely challenging.” - Teresa Cardador PhD


Episode highlights:

  • Naming the phenomenon: What is status-leveling burden for women physicians?
  • Case study setup: An interview with 29 female and 16 male surgeons
  • The institutional responses and the recommendations for organizations
  • Nurses' perspectives and status hierarchy in Medicine


The article we discussed:
“Unpacking the Status-Leveling Burden for Women in Male-Dominated Occupations”


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