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Mar 1, 2022

After finally completing their medical education, many new physicians find themselves presented with an employment agreement from a hospital or medical practice and are confused by the terms and conditions in these contracts.


Joining us in this episode is Dennis Hursh, a physician’s contract lawyer and author of "The Final Hurdle" - a Physician's Guide to Employment Agreements. He has been providing physician contract review services for more than 30 years, helping physicians find the best possible arrangement with their employers and to increase their career satisfaction.


We discussed a number of important topics about physician employment contracts including:

  • (01:36) The inner game shift that needs to take place when you go from the INTERVIEW step to the point where they are offering you a CONTRACT. They have picked you. You now have some bargaining power.
  • (05:04) Start date clause stumbling points
  • (08:24) Termination clauses and time frames for giving notice – it turns out longer can be better
  • (10: 53) Salary review and bonuses – sign-on bonus, loan forgiveness, moving allowance, fellowship stipends, and more
  • (15:05) Non-compete clauses
  • (17:34) Tail coverage clauses


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