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Feb 9, 2021

Disclaimer:  Nothing we are about to share with you is meant to replace any sort of training that your employer, society, or anybody else would want to put you through to tell you specifically what to code for what level of service.

In 2021, new evaluation and management coding changes have been rolled out. Who would better explain the concepts than Dr. Paul DeChant, a family practice doctor, CEO, Lean black belt, and an expert in the E&M coding. He educates us on how these improvements may impact physician productivity and compensation.

Tune in to this very informative episode.


“There is no required documentation of the physical (exam) for using this coding system. You want to have pertinent physical exam (findings), but … you don’t have to use that template that automatically pumps everything in.” – Dr. Paul DeChant

  • (01:31) Dr. DeChant’s career background
  • (05:29) Mindset shift regarding E&M coding changes
  • (07:54) Pertinent data in healthcare documentation
  • (13:30) Three components of medical decision making
  • (21:19) Marketplace equilibrium
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