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Physicians On Purpose®️ [POP] Podcast
The Practice Of [the Practice of Medicine]

  • Tips and Techniques to Prevent Physician Burnout
  • Burnout Stories - lessons learned and the benefits of Burnout Put to its Highest and Best Use
  • Wellness Leadership Strategies

All the Tools so YOU can be a Physician On Purpose

Jun 22, 2021

A career in medicine is one of the most respected and fulfilling professions, but it also comes with life-changing consequences.


In your early years when you’ve reached the fork in the road and decided to be a helper and a healer, you have chosen a life of service and putting others before yourself.  You’ve decided to be a doctor, a lightworker.  All your focus, your energy, your time is centered in your career.  Along the way, extreme stress kicks in and eventually leading to burnout.


Dr. Dike Drummond, a Mayo-trained family physician and the Founder of has helped thousands of doctors by addressing the epidemic of burnout.  He and his team of physician coaches provide actionable tips and strategies as well as personal support to build a better work-life balance.


“Part of our mission is to be able to sit in the heat with our patients, to be able to recognize hopefully when we are wounded by the work that we do, and take the time and put the energy into our own self-care and our own recovery.” - Dike Drummond MD



  • (00:41)  Choosing the road of medical profession/choosing a life of service
  • (02:01)  Physicians are a specific kind of lightworker
  • (02:49) The risks of overextending and suicide
  • (04:05) The ultimate challenge of burnout
  • (05:30) The two-fold challenge of the medical training process
  • (08:15) Tips and resources for burnout prevention




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