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Physicians On Purpose®️ [POP] Podcast
The Practice Of [the Practice of Medicine]

  • Tips and Techniques to Prevent Physician Burnout
  • Burnout Stories - lessons learned and the benefits of Burnout Put to its Highest and Best Use
  • Wellness Leadership Strategies

All the Tools so YOU can be a Physician On Purpose

May 25, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the tremendous stress levels of physicians and other healthcare professionals worldwide.  As we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, senior physician leaders recognize the significance of providing support for the health and well-being of healthcare providers.


In this episode, Dr. Dike Drummond, the Founder and CEO of shares his advice on how to start a conversation with senior leaders by asking the top three questions.  He explains that with these questions, physician employees can raise awareness of burnout prevention and create mindset shifts in building wellness strategies for a happier and healthier work environment.


“I think that In the very near future the most successful organizations will be the ones who take the best care of their doctors.  I actually believe physician wellness is a disruptive innovation in health care."  - Dike Drummond MD


  • (02:20) Physician burnout as the origin of challenges
  • (03:24) Questions to ask senior leaders
  • (05:32) Triple competitive advantage
  • (08:25) Window of opportunity
  • (09:32) Support from The Happy MD



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